He Found A Wallet with Php30k, But Didn’t Expect To Get 3x The Amount As Good Karma


Do you believe in an old expression mostly by children, the “finders keepers”? It is said as derived from an old children’s traditional expression “finders keepers, losers weepers”, which basically asserts that anything found or discovered by someone automatically entitles them to ownership of that property. Same goes by “Eat an apple a day, keeps the doctors away. (a)

But in our society being honest and returning the lost item or finding the rightful owner is still the best thing you can do. We Filipinos are truly believing in good and bad karma, but somehow and sometimes people are weak in temptations especially when you found a high value of money or thing.

This is what happened to a netizen named Alvin Balbon, a teacher in an elementary school in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

(a) It was June 5, when Balbon found a black wallet with the unexpected huge amount of money, 30,000 pesos inside. Although he admitted that he felt a little bit tempted to keep it – honestly, anyone will feel the same way.

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But good intention came first, he knew the money wasn’t his and that someone was surely so upset over the loss; thus, he posted about the lost item at a local Facebook marketplace group in Dumaguete, known as “Bid for Me”. He instructed the owner to send him a private message but if he couldn’t find the owner at the group, he plans to turn over the wallet to the Dumaguete Police Station.

(a) Eventually, four days later, the owner was able to retrieve the wallet and the money, intact. According to Balbon, the owner was very happy and thankful to get the money back, saying that the money is for tuition fee.

He just wants to do the right thing and did not expect anything in return but apparently, good karma’ strikes back.

The following day, Balbon unexpectedly received a cash bonus from a sideline work that was 3 times the amount he found in that wallet he returned! Amazing!

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With this bonus, he was able to buy the things he is longing for a long time, a motorcycle and a brand new phone and still had some money left to buy other things he needed. (a)

That was certainly awesome good karma for what he did.

Feeling overwhelmed over the good fortune and the good karma, Balbon shared his inspiring story on social media and hopes to inspire others to be honest and to do the right thing no matter what, not expecting anything in return — and just let the universe do its thing at providing you good karma.


We hope that this story will be an eye opener for all the readers to do the thing. Let’s make this world a better place.


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