Filipino Invents Using Water as Fuel for A Vehicle

Tubig na Gasolina – Filipino inventor named Noli Dazo made something that makes the motorcycles, trucks, busses, cars, and any other vehicle that uses gasoline or diesel to run using water.

Noli Dazo, an “Outstanding Filipino Inventor of the Philippines” awardee introduced what he called the “Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen” better known as “Tubig na Gasolina” or “Water Gasoline”.

A video posted on his Facebook page recently went viral as the netizens have been amazed by the said invention.

Dazo also explained how his invention works and how it can help the tricycle drivers in the Philippines and other motorists.

“The Only One in the World and Only One in the Philippines, for 90 million TODA from Region 1 to Region 12 , Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao…gumamit na ng ” Tubig Na Gasolina ” ni Noli Dazo “, 3x times faster than premium gasoline , “Outstanding Filipino Inventor ” in the field of Innovative Products Invention .Best of the Best in the Philippines!

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Mr. Noli Dazo is a Computer Science & Engineering graduate at College of Southern Nevada.

How It Works

In simple terms: Petrol and diesel fuels are inherently inefficient, and a lot of the time there is unburnt fuel. The Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen better known as “Tubig Na Gasolina ” gas burns much more quickly, cleanly and more powerfully. With 3 times the power as standard petrol or diesel, and this, in turn, helps to fully ignite and burn the standard fuel going into the engine.

Also, as the ” Tubig Na Gasolina ” provide slightly improved power, you need less acceleration, therefore, less fuel to go the same speed. Finally, as the bi-product of burning ” Tubig Na Gasolina ” is water (more specifically steam) this will cool the engine, making it run cooler, therefore, more efficient, plus you get a ‘steam cleaning’ effect on the old carbon deposits inside the engine, giving more benefits for the engine.”

Watch video:

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