Doctors Are Urging You To STOP Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs – Here’s Why

Hot dogs are indeed one of our favorites. Not just an easy to cook food, but it’s also our child’s favorite, isn’t it? It is delicious, and many children live on hot dogs at home. However, doctors are now telling parents one crucial message.

According to new research, children who eat over a dozen hot dogs a month are nine times more likely to develop leukemia.

(a)Also, pregnant women who eat one hot dog a week are more likely to have children who will develop a brain tumor.

Equally, a father who often ate hot dogs before conceiving a child also imparts a high likeliness of cancer to his child.



Manufacturers add nitrates and nitrites to foods such as cured sandwich meatsbaconsalamisausages and hot dogs to give them color and to prolong their shelf life.

(a)When added to processed foods in this way, both nitrates and nitrites can form nitrosamines in the body, which can increase your risk of developing cancer.

The main ingredient in hot dogs that makes them so cancerous is nitrates. Nitrates are an additive added to hot dogs (and other processed meats like cold cuts) to combat botulism. During the processing of cooking the hot dog, nitrites combine with amines that are naturally present in the meat to form N-nitroso, which is a seriously carcinogenic compound.

(a)In the event that you have to feed your family hot dogs, look for nitrite-free meats or limit the number of hot dogs you and your family eat.

You can likewise ask that supermarkets begin carrying nitrite-free hot dogs exclusively and lobby your local school board to ditch hot dogs that contain nitrates.



1. Minimize consumption of processed meats and cured meat products like hot dogs, sausage, and cold cuts.
2. Check labels, and make sure products that list sodium or potassium nitrates and nitrates are avoided.
3. Try your best to eat organic foods. Synthetic nitrates and nitrites are not allowed as preservatives in organically grown and harvested foods and meats.
4. Eat a high-antioxidant diet, rich in vitamin C to help reduce conversion of nitrates and nitrites to nitrosamines


A U.S. Department of Agriculture official confirmed that “hot dogs contain parts of pork stomach, snout, intestines, spleen, edible fat AND lips.” If that doesn’t turn you off, I don’t know what will.

Once all of these parts are assembled, artificial nitrates are added, and then this gets ground and mixed with water until it resembles a pile mushy slime. It then gets passed through a cold that turns the slime into its familiar hot-dog shape.

See what experts say about this. Watch the video below:

(a)Will you still allow your children to eat hotdogs?

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