An immoral man blocks a woman for sending him a picture

One of the most troubling things about the internet is that anyone can just assume a different identity whenever they want. This is done for a lot of different reasons, such as for swindling, lechery, or plain trolling. It is not everyday, however, that people who make dummy accounts get a taste of their own medicine.

Based on the photos shown by Showbiz Readers, a certain guy posing as a foreign has messaged a woman online. The conversation started with an awkward “Hai frend” from the guy. The lady replied with only a question mark. The ‘foreigner’, however, was persistent.

Read on:

“u want money mydear,,,?”

“i can gv u money dear… ;)”


“u prom”

“im in the philipnis ryt now”


“pasilip lang ????”

When the lady did not reply, the man became furious.


The netizen simply replied to the man, “sure.”

“byaran kita aftre,, send kna dear,” he happily says.

“anong part gusto mo,” the lady replies, apparently giving in on the immoral man’s wishes.

“boobs dear,…alam mo nayan”

The woman then sent a picture of what seems to be her cleavage. Predictably, the sent image wasn’t enough for the guy.

“bt may damit???”

“pkta mo lahat”

“ayaw q puh” the netizen replies demurely, making the male beg for more.

“sge nna pls”

“gus2 m0h ba tlga mkTa?” she asks.

“yez mydear pkta lhat”

“pkkta mukha mo”

The female finally gives in, replying with: “sige dear.”

“dali na;; :)”

The guy then received a photo of the ‘woman’s’ face, who turns out to be a man.

“Ganda ko ba dear?”

The man was so horrified that he immediately replied with a cuss.


The woman couldn’t stop herself from laughing that she even typed her laughter but unfortunately, she couldn’t send it anymore because has already been blocked by the man.

What can you say about this witty lady’s reply? Tell us your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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