Are you seeing your child sitting in W position? he/she might be in danger!

Kids do a lot of things that can potentially harm them smack dogs without any intention (or knowledge) of hurting them, climbing structures they have no idea are unstable, and sticking their tiny fingers into the blades of an electric fan. This list could go on and on, but did you know that your child’s health might still be at risk even if he/she is just sitting there?

Yes, you need to watch closely even if it seems like your child is just having a chill moment sitting down. This rare moment of serenity inside the ever-chaotic house may cause you to relax for a little bit, but remember to keep tabs on the way your child is sitting.

Turns out, some sitting positions are not good for your child at all!

What’s even more surprising is that, one sitting position that’s apparently bad for children is so common you probably also did it as a child, so you no longer see any issues when other kids sit like this.

The W position or when kids sit with their legs splayed at the side, their knees in front and feet behind stress out therapists, because this sitting position could spell out serious problems in the child’s body in the future.

According to many therapists, children find it easiest to sit in this position but it isn’t good for their bodies at all. The W-position provides children with a wider base to support their weight, but it weakens their core and causes muscle tightness.

Neurological issues may also be borne out of sitting this way too often. Overall, sitting in the W position may be detrimental for those who are wishing to raise a fine athlete. Dexterity, core strength, muscle tonality, and many others are at risk when you let a kid sit in this position.

f you are just learning now that this sitting position is bad for a toddler’s body, you might find it difficult to correct since the child is already used to sitting that way. However, you would have to face the challenge head on, for your child’s health in the long term.

Start by straightening out the child’s legs in front of them or on one side, to force him/her to engage the core when sitting up. This will be a long, hard battle against the W-sitting position, but you have no choice but to toughen up and instill discipline in your child’s sitting habits.

It will spell less trouble in the future – repeat as many times as possible when you feel like giving up and just letting him/her sit in whatever position he/she is most comfortable in!

Watch the video here:

Have you seen children in your family sit like this? Did you also sit like this when you were a child? Do you believe that it has negative effects on one’s body – sitting like this? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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